5 Products to Put on Your Blacklist if you Want to Keep Your Waistline

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

We are all aware that there are a great number of products that we have to avoid if we want to stay healthy. This time we will talk about products that are on a black list for women who want to keep their waistline.

Let`s go through the list together and you can take notes if you want to.

Fried Food

This comes as no surprise since we are all aware that fried food does so much damage to our body. Women should be extra careful when it comes to fried food since this food does not allow the digestive organs to function properly, and as a result they develop skin rash and cellulite.


If you cannot avoid fried food, let`s be honest it is really tasty then there is a simple solution to this. You can barbecue your food. We know that the word “barbecue” has an unhealthy connotation, but we are not talking about burgers in this case. You can prepare different foods with the help of your barbecue. The food is prepared really fast on high temperatures and it keeps all its healthy nutrients.

Pasta and White Bread

Another food on this list is pasta and white bread. Many researchers connect this food with serious health issues with the cardiovascular system. You can easily replace white bread with wheat bread.


Margarine is known as a product that is used in many dishes, and some people even use it to fry food with it. The bad news about margarine is that it contains a lot of fat and it decreases “good” cholesterol and increases the “bad” cholesterol. The best thing you can do here is to replace margarine with butter.

White Rice

Until recently white rice has been considered as a healthy meal with substances that are of essential meaning for our body. We often forget that white rice is very similar with potatoes and pasta, it contains carbs but it lacks important vitamins.

You can replace white rice with brown rice which contains not only Vitamin B but it also contains fibers and important minerals.


We think that there is no need to remind you that sugar has not one single benefit for our body. It destroys our immune system and our metabolism.
You can always use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar. All you have to do is to get rid of sugar for a week and after that your cravings for sugar will be slightly reduced.

What is the one food you crave the most from this list? 

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5 Products to Put on Your Blacklist if you Want to Keep Your Waistline


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