Some Defining Moments In A Woman`s Life

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

Our whole life is all about defining moments. They are the moments that happen when we at least expect them and change us once and for all. There are many defining moments in our lives that have a huge impact on us and influence us throughout our whole life. The reason they are important is mainly because they impact the decisions we make later on in our life.

And here is a list of the most important defining moments in a woman`s life. I’m sure many women will find themselves in at least a few of them. Feel free to post your opinions and experiences in the comment box at the end of the post.

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At first read, all of these things might sound simple but there is wisdom behind every statement here.

When she stops dressing for others but for herself
When she decides that it is okay to say ‘No’ instead of trying to be polite and worry about other people`s opinion.
When she stops lying about her age. Instead she embraces her age and the wisdom that comes with it.
When she accepts her boobs in the exact way they are, and when she gets rid of the idea of implants.
When she can learn not to panic for every small thing.
When she learns that not everything is in her control.
When she stops worrying about what others say about her.
When she stops overreacting over texts from the ‘right guy’
When she decides that if he does not call back, she can move on with her life and not look back again.
When she does not care whether she looks good in a photo or not. She knows that she looks stunning the way she is.
When she accepts that she wants to be the woman she already is.

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Defining Moments In A Woman`s Life




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