Frankincense Oil and Its Use

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

Many people will ask what is Frankincense oil? Frankincense is the last hype essential oil that is used not only in aromatherapy but to fight infections and to cure diseases as well.

Essential oils are known to all of us. They are used in aromatherapy because of their healing and therapeutic properties. Frankincense oil is sourced from a tree that grows in Somalia, Boswellia Sacara.

What is Frankincense oil and its Many Uses

The use of Frankincense oil takes us back in history. This oil was used for more than 5000 years and people back then considered this oil as a “God given” gift to the human kind. So even then people knew what is frankincense oil and how to use it. Nowadays, the Frankincense oil is used to reduce inflammation, to fight infections and to boost the immune system.

Frankincense oil is known to induce a feeling of inner peace and for that reason many people add couple of drops of this oil to a hot bath for an instance stress relief.

Frankincense is also used for cleaning indoor spaces and as a natural hygiene product as well, thanks to its antiseptic properties.

Frankincense is used in fighting wrinkles. This essential oil helps protect skin cells and the only thing you need to do is to apply it on your skin. But before you do that, apply on a small area first to see if you are allergic to it.

Frankincense oil helps in providing relief from coughing. So, next time you catch a cold you can try using this oil. Just add couple of drops on a cloth and inhale it.

Cancer-Killing Properties of Frankincense

Until now Frankincense has been used as a folk medicine and considered to have more a “placebo” effect rather than real healing properties. But the latest researches show that Frankincense has the ability to target some cancer cells.

Frankincense Oil Used in Natural Treatment of Cancer

Cancer treatment at some stage becomes worse than the cancer itself. At this stage cancer patient are more focused on the symptoms and trying to reduce them. In this case scenario the Frankincense oil shows its benefits in reducing the cancer treatment side effects.

Final Thoughts on Frankincense

Frankincense is an essential oil that is used in aromatherapy since forever. It has a variety of health benefits such as stress reliever, pain reducer and immunity booster.

This oil is so versatile that it can be used in combination with other oils and it can be used in different ways.

Important Note!

Even though we provide description on what Frankincense oil is and its benefits, all of these statements have not been approved by the FDA so this means that you cannot use this product as a cure for any disease. And we would strongly advise you to check with your physician before you use it.

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