Home Remedies for Dark Spots That Actually Work

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

If you have dark spots that are difficult to cover even after applying few layers of foundation then you have to try these home remedies. You will be astonished of the results, and the best thing is that you can get rid of them even in one week.


Dark spots appear not only on face area but also on shoulders, arms and the back. They can be in different shapes and sizes and can be a source of distress for the person that has to deal with them. You are probably looking for an easy way out and you cover them with makeup, but don`t you want to get rid of them forever. Keep reading the article and you will find an easy way to eliminate those dark spots.


Lemon juice


Life gave us lemons, so why not to use them to make our face spots free. The combination of citric acid and vitamin C make the lemon to be a perfect bleaching agent. Add equal parts of lemon juice and water, mix it well. Use a cotton pad to apply the mixture on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your face with water. Use this remedy every two days and be careful with the area around your eyes.


Vitamin E Oil


Vitamin E is used to treat many skin conditions and dermatologists swear by the benefits of vitamin E oil. They use it for any kind of discoloration and especially for dark spots. You can use vitamin E oil on its own and you do not have to mix it with some other ingredients for better results. You simply need to apply few drops on your skin and massage the skin so it can better absorb it. Do this every day before you go to bed. And leave the antioxidants fight the free radicals while you are sleeping.




Potatoes are known to do wonders for our skin. The key components in potatoes are starch and sugar, and they booth combined not only remove the dead skin cells but also aid the growth of new ones. This mask is so easy to make. All you need is one potatoe, clean it well and slice it. Add some water to the slices to make them wet and apply the slices on the affected area. Leave the mask for about 15 minutes and then wash your face with water only. You can do this every day. It is natural so you cannot do any harm to your skin.




Buttermilk is another product that can help you in fighting the dark spots. The lactic acid removes the dead skin cells from your skin. Apply buttermilk on your dark spots with the help of a cotton pad. Leave it that way for about 15 minutes and wash with water only. Use this mask every day until you see the wanting results.

Aloe Vera


You have probably noticed that almost every product that you use for your skin care contains aloe vera. There is a reason for that. Aloe vera turns out to have so many benefits for our skin starting from vitamins A, B, C and E to 90 % of amino acids found in our body.


So, instead spending money on all those expensive packages of creams you only need aloe vera gel from the leaves. Squeeze the gel on your fingers and apply on the dark spots. Leave it for 20 minutes then wash it with water only. You can do this every day.


There are many things in your home that you can use to remove dark spots from your skin. We picked the best ones for you. Choose one product that you think is the best for you and use it according our recommendation. Basically you can apply these masks every day since they are natural and they do not contain any preservatives. I cannot wait to hear about your results. Good luck!


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