4 Food Myths You Should Not Believe

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

Every day we are swamped with information about what is good and what is not. Most of those advice are not true. And what is worst, they are so contradictory. Sometimes you can find information that something is good for your health and other times that same thing s bad for your health. I find it really hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. For that reason only I did some deeper research and came up with this 4 food myths and explain to you why they are myths in the first place.

Food Myth #1 – No Coffee

Coffee has many benefits for your body if it is consumed cautiously. It can prolong your life, protect you from some diseases and it improves your memory.

Food Myth #2 – Diet drinks are better than regular

Diet drinks are the better alternative only when it comes to sugar levels and calories count. Otherwise, they can be very harmful. They contain artificial sweeteners which are connected with cancer. If you want to be healthy just stop drinking them.

Food Myth # 3 – Yogurt has too much sugar

Yogurt can be both good and bad for your health. Sweet flavored yogurt can contain high levels of sugar so it is bad for you. If you cannot give up from this sweet pleasure you can still drink it, but we advise you to choose the regular one. It still may contain sugar but it is way healthier.

Food Myth # 4 – Milk is bad for you

There are many debates lately whether milk is good or not. And after all everyone is entitled to its opinion. But the facts speak something else. Milk is rich in Vitamin B12, calcium and proteins. The only problem with milk is that many people are intolerant to it. Another healthy alternative to milk is almond milk.

We cannot ignore the fact that some people are still lead by some food myths. Maybe we should blame the lack of education or even worse the lack of interest to do a research and find the truth.


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