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India is one of the most amazing countries in the world, and as crazy as it sounds I still have not been there. I am probably saving this country for when I have more time and I can enjoy a long visit, but that does not mean that I have not done my homework. I have done some thorough research about all the places that I want to visit, not only Taj Mahal, but also Ranakpur Jain Temple, Akshardham, Jolly Music House and the list simply goes on.

What surprised me the most was the fact that the clothes that we wear here in the West are not appropriate to wear in India. So I kept digging, I did not only wanted to find out the way I should dress but I also wanted to find out what the Indian dress code was, and the reason behind it. I was simply astonished by the spectacular patterns and colors and every piece of clothing was somehow unique.

Probably the first thing I will do when I visit India would be go shopping. I have an excuse now, and a good one!

I found out that there are 4 types of Indian women clothing Sari or Saree, Salwar Kamez, Lehenga Choli or Chagra Choli and Kurti or Kurta.

Sari is a dress that can be up to 8 meters long. This dress is unstiched and it drapes over your body. Women usually wear this dress with a tailored blouse. This is probably the only dress that is known worldwide and it represents the Indian contribution to the world`s cultural heritage.
Salwar Kamez is a kind of a dress that is worn in the northern parts of India. This attire is consisted of loose trousers which are narrow at the ankle and a long tunic. This attire is also known as ‘Punjabi suit”. You might recognize this style because it is worn by many Bollywood actresses. This outfit is incomplete without a scarf which is used for covering the head and the shoulders. The choice here is immense.

Lehenga Choli or Chagra Choli is another traditional dress which is a combination of a long skirt, a blouse and a dupatta which is first tucked in the skirt and then wrapped at the waist and over the shoulder. The skirt is embroidered and pleated. If I have to choose one dress it would be probably the one that Priyanka Chopra wore on the People`s Awards.

Kurti or Kurta is another dress that is worn with trousers. This is kind of a long shirt, or a blouse that falls below the knees. This is kind of a casual outfit that women in India wear at work or while running some errands. Some kurtis have openings on the both sides.

You would probably expect me to say that the Kurti dress is my favourite but you would be wrong. I would really love to see myself wearing a Sari and exploring the diverse Indian culture one temple at a time. Until then, let me know what is your favourite dress, and do let me know whether you have worn any of these types of clothing.

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