10 Smart Decisions You Should Celebrate

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2018)

Our days are filled with constant stream of decisions making.

Sometimes we make smart decisions sometimes we do not, some decisions are easy some are difficult.

With time you will learn how to prioritize and make those decisions work for you.

Most good decisions will come from experience, but that will take time and you will for sure make one or two bad decisions on the way.

Ladies, if you are in between jobs, or in between relationships, remember the first smartest decision you have to make is to be happy.

Here are 10 simple smart decisions you have to make for starters.

1. You forgot your phone at home deliberately.

It is better to spend quality time with your friends rather than waiting a text or an email from HIM.

2. You took off your make before you went to bed.

3. You choose the first dress that took your eye, instead of trying out 10 other ones.

4. You are in the red at the end of the month rather than the first week after you got your paycheck.

5. You finally realized that your ex is an ex for a reason.

6. You went to the gym and you have spent 10 minutes more doing an exercise rather than taking a selfie.

7. You read the news and you start avoiding the celebrity section.

8. You call your future mother in law after a Sunday lunch to thank her for the invitation, rather than being a Cinderella and simply disappear.

9. You called your boss and told her you are hangover rather than called in sick.

10. You enjoyed a nice dinner with a desert and a coffee and you did not think for a minute that you should stop.

It is as simple as that!

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10 Smart Decisions You Should Celebrate





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