Qualities Every Alpha Woman Looks For In A Boyfriend

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

We are aware of the fact that if you are a calm person you will not make history. In order to make some changes you need to be strong and independent, with other words, you need to be an alpha woman.

What is Alpha Woman?

An alpha woman is a brilliant classy woman, with self confidence and ambition. She might be intimidating to others yet she is majestic. She has a group of friends she can rely on, has a life of her own and does not care so much what others are talking about her.

For some, alpha woman can be intimidating, but that is just because she knows what she wants and deserves, and it is not afraid to ask for it.

Every alpha woman needs a partner that is her equal, someone who is not jealous of her success, and is her biggest supporter.

Instantly you would think that she would like an Alpha Male herself, someone who is similar to her, but you are wrong. An Alpha Male can bring only passion and that is not enough for a relationship.
Another thing that you are probably thinking is that an Alpha Female would like a Beta Male, but you would be wrong again. Beta Male are very weak and they cannot go hand in hand with an Alpha Woman.

Who is the right man for Alpha Woman?

Well, we need to introduce a new type of a man here that will be the perfect fit for a strong and independent woman like Alpha Woman is. Let`s call him a Type X. we do not know him yet, but we know what qualities he should possess.

Qualities that every Alpha Woman is looking for in a boyfriend

Someone who challenges her

He is not afraid to push you at the right time. He will challenge your decisions just so you can make the right one, the one that is good for you. And you will love him for that because he gives you the right support.

Someone who is not jealous

He knows that the relationships that you had before him and the ones that you have now with your coworkers, per say, are not threatening for him.

Someone who teases her but it can be teased too

He needs to be sarcastic and witty, but he will know when to draw the line. He does not want to hurt your feelings just to tease you. This shows how well you know each other’s weak spots and you accept them.

Someone who has a life of his own

He does not wait for you, but instead he has a busy schedule but still finds time for you. If you have to go out with your friends he will encourage you, because he knows that after all you will be going home to him.

Someone who appreciate her intimacy

Alpha Woman needs someone she can fully trust. She can tell them everything and needs to know that her secrets and doubts will stay behind closed doors.

Someone who accepts her bad moods

Let`s be honest, every woman has the time of the month when she has mood swings. For that reason, she needs someone who can deal with her bad moods. He knows when he needs to let go and when to hold her in his arms.

Someone who knows when to apologize

We all make mistakes, but only great people know when they did wrong and need to apologize. After all, he is a man not a boy.

Someone who moves at the same pace as she does

Alpha Woman needs someone who has dreams as big as hers. She does not need someone to pull her back or someone who will make her feel guilty because she is an achiever. She needs someone who will not sit back and wait, but someone who is willing to do anything in his power to achieve his goals.

Someone who makes her laugh

Probably one of the most important qualities in a partner is the ability to make you laugh. If he is not quick witted and does not make you laugh you are wasting your time.

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