Signs of a Cheating Partner

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Usually there are some obvious signs that you have a cheating partner. But sometimes there are signs that are not so obvious, and this is the thing that is killing us, because we are not sure what is going on with our partner so we cannot make the right decision.

Even if you confront your partner that they are cheating they can deny and make you feel like you are imagining some things and that you are nothing but a “drama queen”.

What are the warning signs of a cheating partner?

There are some warning signs that your partner is cheating on you. They may not apply to every relationship, but in general they will show you that something is wrong and you might even have a chance to take some action and to improve your relationship.

  • If your spouse is bored with everything that used to bring enjoyment in his life, you should be worried. This does not mean that he is cheating on you, it can be stress related, but it is definitely a time to sit down and have a lovely chat before it is too late.
  • If you realize that there is no connection between you two. We know that the sparks fade with time, but still you will never lose the spark for communication. If you do, something is wrong.
  • If you cannot remember when was the last time you made love with your partner.
  • If you feel that your partner is not showing interest what you are doing and who you are going out with.
  • If you notice that your partner is always fighting with you, even over silly things.
  • If you notice that your partner is more negative than usual, and always criticizing you.
  • If you realize that your partner is defensive every time you try to talk with them about cheating.
  • If your partner starts staying longer hours at work, or suddenly has to go away for work.
  • If your partner starts taking care of how they look, especially if your relationship is longer, because in longer relationships we all start to neglect our physical appearance.
  • If you start fighting about money more than you used too, or if you find some expenses on the credit card that your partner cannot explain.
  • If your partner starts avoiding you and they want to spend more time with their friends instead of you.

If your intuition is telling you that something is wrong than it usually is. If you recognize your partner in some of these signs this does not mean that they are cheating you, but these are the beginning steps towards an affair. Try to talk with your partner in a loving manner and if they avoid any kind of conversation you might want to see a counselor.

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