How to get over heartbreak

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

I wish there was an easy answer to the question “ How to get over heartbreak ”, but there is not. There are many stages that you have to go through before you heal, and this may sound harsh but the process is extremely painful.

You have been broken and disappointed by the one person you thought you would never be. So it hurts, but you cannot give up.

This is the time you have to create a profound connection with yourself, the one you were not able to do while you were in a relationship.

How to get over heartbreak?

It takes a lot of energy and time to overcome heartbreak, but once you do it you will be very grateful because you will find a new meaning to life. Accept that there are no easy steps you can go through and wake up one day not feeling the pain.

The first thing actually should be to feel that pain. You cannot force yourself into forgetting someone who has been a great part of your life. It might take a long time before you do, but be gentle to yourself. Talk with someone you trust or find a professional who can guide you through the feelings and show you how to get over heartbreak.

On some occasion you might get scared of the overflow of the negative feelings and you will try to avoid them. This is when you need to remember that feelings cannot hurt you and that they are just energy that moves through you and will allow you to move on.

There’s no easy way on how to get over heartbreak


Do not be afraid if you cry yourself to sleep. The intensity might be bigger at the beginning but eventually it will fade away and you will have released the grief.
Grief is not the only feeling that you will have to deal with, there is anger, sadness and depression too. You will feel these emotions sometimes at the same time sometimes one after another. But they all need to go away, in order for you to move on with your life.

Go out, call a friend, do something you enjoy doing, or, from my personal experience, take a new hobby. Occupy your mind with something.

Be honest to yourself. We know that your whole future, all your plans seem crushed but this is the time you need to be realistic. Stop hoping that the plans you made with your partner will ever come true. As soon as you get rid of all your secret hopes that you two are coming back together you will be able to move on.

You will look back on your relationship and try to realize what the thing that made the things to take the wrong turn is, but this is when you have to remember that it might not be your fault at all.
This is when you have to take back your personal power. Try to control your thoughts and your behavior. It will hurt but you have to let go. Let go of the person, let go of the love, because you deserve something greater and you shouldn`t just settle down for something less.

Remember that the secret of healing lies within you. Do not continue down the same road and you will be surprised how strong person you are. In the end the answer to how to get over heartbreak is in you. 

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