5 Moves That Will Rock Every Girl`s World

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

Many guys think that foreplay is just wasted time. Their main bedroom complaint is lack of interest not knowing that this is simply a result of short foreplay. They simply didn`t push the right buttons in the first place.

So, if you want to rock your woman`s world stick to these rules and you will give her what she wants whenever she wants it.

1. Do not avoid eye contact

No matter how you are doing your girl, whenever you can, if the position allows it look at her. This way you are connecting on a much deeper level and you are expressing your intention and your arousal.

2. Postpone the intercourse

In average every coupe spends less than 20 minutes in the bed. For a woman that is not enough, since they need more foreplay. You need to stimulate them from the outside. Learn how to explore her body by touching her and kissing her. After all, you are missing so much if you go straight to intercourse yourself.

3. Give her intimate massage

You ultimate goal is to bring a lot of blood flow in her intimate area before the actual intercourse. You can do that by massaging her labia and vulva before you move to her clitoris. Always ask her whether she wants it faster or slower with more pressure or less. You are not a mind reader so a little guidance here can take you a long way. Once you realize what is working keep doing what you were doing without changing the pace.

4. Use some toys

You will definitely need some toys in the bed, especially if she lasts longer than you do. This will spice up the things and you will have way more fun.

5. Play “50”

Spend 50 minutes with your girl blindfolded to see what she likes. Put some music on and explore her body with different textures, different kinds of touch and intensity. She has to rate everything you do so you can know what works for the next time too. Add some role play here too; we hope that by now you know what she desires.


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