Here is Why Your Girlfriend Avoids Being Intimate With You

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

It is a common knowledge that men think about “making love” every single second. Well, that might sound a lot and it might not be specifically true, but it is. Do not be surprised if we tell you that women have the same thought over and over again, maybe not with the same intensity, but still it is enough.

So this raises the question why your girlfriend or wife avoids being intimate with you in the first place?

I wish there was a simple answer for that, but there is not. Women are complex beings and as far as they are concerned there are many things that need to fall into place before they open up and fully enjoy.

So, do not expect to find one-size-fits-all answer here, but certain clues that will help you understand the woman in your life depending on the stage you are in your relationship.

After couple of dates

If you have been going out for a while, but she still shows no interest in anything less than just hanging out you might wonder where is this all going?

Here is the thing, men get very excited at the early stage of a relationship and they would like to jump into the next step. Women on the other hand, can get very enthusiast about a new relationship but they are still okay with waiting no matter how turned on they are. This may sound silly but it is true and most of the women will confirm that.

Every woman has a different background. She may come out of a bad break up or had a series of guys who disappeared so one should be careful.

At the beginning of each relationship there is an emotional involvement where couples get to know each other. No one can predict the future and know how things will turn out to be, so most women will like to start slow and see where the things are going.

What Should you do?

In case you start dating a woman that avoids being intimate with you right this second there are couple of things you should figure out. If she enjoys spending time, accepts to go out with you and puts an effort then you will together work through any issue.

After you are in a serious relationship

Both men and women are nostalgic for the spark that they felt at the beginning of the relationship. Of course, that was probably the best time you two had, getting to know each other going on dates having a blast.

But once you get into a new phase many things can happen and you still might not be aware what is going on. Is it something you have said? Is it something you have done? And, the outcome of this is simply that your girlfriend avoids being intimate with you.

The problem usually arises when the man has higher level of libido than his partner. Both sides will feel rejected here, the woman will feel objectified and the man will always feel like he is doing something wrong.

What should you do?

Talk with your partner. If you show your partner that you are being honest then she will open up to you as well. If you avoid discussing the problem you will only allow the resentment to build up. This will make you and your partner very distant and it might be not only difficult but also impossible to find your way back to being intimate again.

After a marriage

Married couples have many new problems to deal with so being intimate can be the last thing on one`s mind. If your partner avoids intimacy that does not mean that she is mad at you, it only means that she is stressed from work, or from the kids.

What should you do?

Take her for a romantic getaway where you two can be together rested and relaxed. Or if you cannot go anywhere find the right time of the day that works for both of you.
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