Satisfy Your Lady Orally With These 7 Easy Steps

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

For a man being orally satisfied is dynamite. Your lady puts her hands and mouth on your intimate area and by doing that she gives you one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experience you can have.

On the other hand, for women this is is not always the case. She needs more time to get comfortable and you cannot expect that in 5 minutes you can rock her world.

Every girl is different so that means that there is not one general rule for every woman out there. But, if you stick to our guide here, you will give her something she will remember.

Find Her Comfort Zone

Most of the girls have some areas on their body that they are ashamed of. So do not expect her to reveal herself naked in front of you and be comfortable about that instant. Show her that you are not in the rush and that you two are together for the long haul and you will be surprised how things will turn out for you.

Find The Perfect Position

You probably know what you want when it comes to your satisfaction but chances are low when it comes to your lady. We suggest you ask her what the best position for her is and take that lead. You might put a pillow underneath so you can reach her pelvis better. Keep her legs as wide as possible because your area where you need to work is more open for you. Make yourself comfortable too, use a pillow or two because you will stay in that position for awhile.

Tease her

Men think that speed and intensity will make her feel ecstatic and this is where most men are wrong. You have to start by teasing her, gently lick her thighs and slowly find your way to her more intimate area.

Listen Carefully

Your lady might openly tell you or give you a hint what she wants you to do orally. But more importantly, if she won`t, you need to read her body and her breathing. If you realize that she is moving with her hips or starts breathing deeply you know that she is turned on and you are doing something right.

Use some toys

Statistically it takes 20 minutes for a woman to climax from orally satisfaction. So that means that you can be down there for awhile. There is nothing wrong if you use some toys to help you. You can use something small so you can still be the one that is in control of the situation.

The Climax

Once you realize that she is close to climax continue doing what you were doing. This is where most men make mistakes and they jab her like a machine gun. We hope you know better than that anyway. In the end, your only intention should be to make you lady feel good. This does not mean that she will always climax and this has nothing to do with your ability. Show your partner that you love and care for her and that you are willing to do everything just so she can feel good.


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