Sexting Gone Wrong

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2017)

From Hot Talk to Hot Text

Over the last few years sexting has become incredibly popular among users and is steadily growing into an online trend. Don’t be afraid to admit it, we’ve all done it at least once in our life, whether it was with our girlfriend or with a potential date. It’s much easier to engage in a bit of erotic conversation over texts than it is in person. 





Still you have to keep in mind that sexting is not just sending a photo of your privates and expecting to get the same in return. This almost never happens and is the best way to end your sexting session even before it starts.




The Art of Sexting

You need to have a little finesse to get the conversation going in the right way and eventually get to the interesting part. Even if your sexting partner doesn’t go along with the chat and decides to end it don’t be disappointed.






You can always find another partner willing to chat and pick up the conversation from there. The most important part about sexting is to be relaxed and be yourself. If your partner is into the same interests like you then you have a pretty good shot to turn the conversation into the right way.


Emoji Help

Thanks to sexting you can say what you have in mind through a witty text and see what the response will be. If it doesn’t work out you can always send a bunch of emojis and say “ Hey I was just kidding” or “ Blame it on Auto Correct”. 







Either way you will have a safe way to get down and dirty and an escape route if things don’t go as planned. Just don’t make the same mistakes like some of these guys or you’ll blow your chances of getting frisky with your sexting partner altogether.



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