A Day Trip To Verona

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Verona is a small city in the Veneto Region in Northern Italy and is accessible from many other major cities. Since this is a small city a day trip to Verona seemed like a reasonable decision at the time.

I am always about spending more time and have at least 2 full days to experience the true vibe of the city, but sometimes the occasion does not allow us to do as we want.

Anyhow, a day trip to Verona was enough to visit all the major sites and have a time to grab an ice-cream. 

Verona is only 120 km west of Venice so it took us a little more than one hour to arrive there. We were in Verona early in the morning just so we could have the time to explore and see all the major sites in one day.

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L`Arena is the Roman Colloseum that is hard to miss. It was actually the first thing that we saw since we got there from the train station. Getting inside and seeing this immense Arena was breathtaking. I did not enjoy hearing about all the stories since they were all brutal. Nowadays it is used for some concerts throughout the year and it also hosts the Opera Festival.

Piazza d`Erbe

Piazza d`Erbe is the right place to see Verona`s true colors. It is impressing how this place is keeping its medieval legacy intact. This is where you can attend a medieval market where people dress up as some historical figures or wear traditional clothes from the past. Of course this is probably on certain dates only, but even on a regular day there is plenty to see from different stalls that sell souvenirs, food and crafts to the street artists.

Julet`s House

Verona is a city that is best known for Shakespeare`s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, so visiting the city without seeing Casa di Gulietta would be a total failure. You can go inside the house which is a museum where you can find some interesting exhibits. The most popular attraction is Juliet`s statue and the balcony. If you wish you can recreate the balcony scene from the play. I remember when I was visiting there was a girl dressed in medieval clothes probably impersonating Juliet. Do not be surprised if you see people posing with Juliet`s statue while touching her breast, that is because it is believed that if you rub Juliet`s right breast you will find your love.

Love Wall

You can write a message or whatever you want on the Love Wall which is in the courtyard of Juliet`s House. The wall is created of removable panels which I think was a great idea, since there are many visitors each day, so everyone has a chance to pour their heart out on that wall.

Write a Letter to Juliet

Juliet`s Club became popular after the movie Letters to Juliet. Namely this is a place where you can send a handwritten letter or email with your love problems and one of the volunteers will send you an answer. Those people remind me of agony aunts in a way but still it is more romantic since there is a story behind this place.

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See Verona from Above

  • Castiel San Pietro offers probably the best view of the city of Verona. If you are feeling romantic you can go when the sun sets and take some amazing photos. You can find the opening hours and admission price of Castiel San Pietro here.
  • Another great view is from Santuario Madonna di Lourdes.
  • Torre dei Lamberti is a tower situated in Piazza d`Erbe where you can have a 360 degree view of the city.

Ponte Castelvecchio and Ponte Pietra

Ponte Castelvecchio and Ponte Pietra are 2 popular bridge that were built in the 14th century but were destroyed during World War II, and rebuild again in 1949.


Castelvecchio is a castle that was built in the 14th century as well and it is now a museum. There is a courtyard that we visited but since we were short on time we didn`t have the chance to go inside.

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Teatro Romano

Teatro Romano was our last stop before we headed back to Venice. We had a quick tour of the place that hosts jazz concerts and summer festivals. This is also the place where the archaeological museum is.


Even though we didn`t spend a night in Verona I am pretty sure that you can find accommodation by using Booking.com or Tripadvisor.com. Also you can use this code to get $27 off of your first stay with Airbnb.


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