25 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Tubingen

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)

Tubingen is a small cosy town just 30 km southwest of Stuttgart. Tubingen is also known as the Land of Ideas since it is the home of Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet which is one of 5 top German universities. This university dates back to 1477 which makes it the oldest university in Germany.

Stairs built into the sidewalks and cobblestone streets will take you back in Medieval times. Nowadays the town is overcrowded with students and it gets quiet only during the breaks between semesters.

The best way to explore Tubingen is by bike or on foot, that way you will not miss a single part of the town. Do not forget that the city is quite hilly though.

This University City is quite similar to Oxford or Cambridge where students go punting or have a barbeque on their off days.

You can even take a day trip from Tubingen to Burg Hohenzollern castle.

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Tubingen is boasting with attractions. You can start exploring the city center first where you can find some nice churches and beautiful old houses. A great place to wander around is the Schloss Castle which offers some great views of the garden.

When to visit?

Many would advise you to visit Tubingen during the summer time. This is when all the cafes are placing their tables outside and you can enjoy some locally brewed beer. This is the time when everyone is outside enjoying life until late at night. There are some local bars and pubs that are worth the visit as well as Top 10 Tubingen, the big disco in the city center.

Where to stay?

This is quite popular city so you better book accommodation in advance. You can search Booking.com to find the most affordable and convenient place to stay while in Tubingen.


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