How to Get Over a Breakup

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2018)

It can be very challenging to get over a breakup and at times it feels impossible. Let`s face it, even if the relationship sucked, breaking up with your partner can cause some emotional repercussions.

I am in a loving relationship at this point and to be honest I do not think that this fairy tale of mine will end, ever. But a girl`s got to be prepared for rainy days, right?

I got inspired from a woman that shared her broken dreams with me after her relationship ended. This got me thinking. There is not a person in this world that has not been through some sort of pain. The harsh truth is that eventually we learn to live with it, but while we are going through it, it is a real nightmare.

But this is something we learn to cope with in the long run. And then, what should we do while our heart is still boiling and we are looking for answers from the person that has left us and unfortunately deep down we know that we never will have them.

Truth to be told there are some things that we can do to get over a breakup. Maybe some of these things will sound harsh to you, but that is because I am writing this with a clear head. Do not get me wrong, I have been through couple of breakups myself, and now I see that period as a learning curve or an experience. Something that has truly changed me and made me the person I am today. This does not mean that I am forgiving all those people who have done me wrong, or that I am thankful to them for hurting me. Truth to be told, they have taught me what to avoid in a relationship and when to run without looking back!

I know how difficult it is to get over a breakup and for that reason we are looking for some guidance in everything and from everyone.

1 | Throw away everything that reminds you of your partner

Get rid of every gift you have received from your partner and clear your house of their presence. Change your sheets as well, you will not only revamp your bedroom but you will not remember all those cuddles you had together.

2 | Be sad

It is okay to feel sad. After all you have lost a person that you have spent a lot of time with. Now you have to change your routine and learn to live without them. Never bottle things up, it is not healthy and you get nothing for pretending you are okay. You are not fooling anyone, let`s be honest. Listen to the saddest songs and weep your heart out.

3 | No social media

This might be difficult, especially if you are a narcissist but unfolow and unfriend your ex from all social media. There is no point in analyzing everything your ex posts on Facebook or Twitter.

4 | Change your look

Cut your hair and toss it away, just like your should toss away your feelings for your ex. No worries your hair will grow again. Some say that this is a cliché move but you will feel great.

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5 | Read a book

Finally you will have the time to read something you enjoy, and stop postponing it already. There is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book. You will forget your troubles for awhile and you can think with a clear head after that.

6 | Go out and get your flirt on

You are single now, so there is nothing wrong in heading out and have a good time with your friends, that you have probably neglected a bit while you were in a relationship. Flirt with someone cute and forget your troubles. But take care of yourself and be careful, you do not need to rush things up. Jumping into a new fling can only make things worse.

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7 | Travel

Go and explore the world. That is the best medicine of all. Well, actually I am a travel addict so this is my best medicine, but I can tell you first hand that it works for sure. You will meet new people and discover new places so you won`t have the time to think about the past. And again, you will recharge your batteries so you will acquire new strength to deal with your everyday life.

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8 | Stay in

This is quite the opposite of what I said before, but if you feel like staying in, then do it. Watch a movie or your favourite TV show, there is nothing wrong with it. After all we are all different and different things work for each of us.

9 | Hit the gym

You need to get those endorphins pumping and get that “feel good” mood again. On the other hand your fit body will make you feel so good.

10 | Move forward

We know you feel angry, disappointed and maybe clueless what to do next, but it is okay. There will be days when you will not want to go out of the bed and then there will be days when you will want to do all at once. It is completely okay to have mixed feelings about everything that is going on in your life. you have to get over a breakup, and that is not an easy task. But, there is one thing you should not do no matter what, to hold a grudge. That is the only thing that will pull you down and not let you find your true happiness. Life is filled with ups and downs, but trust me you have the strength to move on with your life. It might seem like impossible at the beginning but once you realize you can, your time will come.

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