City Breaks: Ljubljana, Slovenia

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2018)

Some say that Slovenia is not on the travel`s radar mainly because of its popular neighbors Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary, but it shouldn`t be like that. Slovenia is irresistible, it offers the charm but without the crowds.

Ljubljana is its capital city and it is simply stunning. Enjoy a stroll through the quiet town and admire the unique architecture. You can easily explore the city on foot since Ljubljana is not that big like other European cities.

Things to See and Do

If you plan your trip well you can manage to see almost everything that this city has to offer, so find out about all the attractions it has to offer and do not hesitate to chose it for your next weekend city break.

The Old Town

Once you set foot in Ljubljana old town you are hooked. The city boasts with cafes, pubs and narrow alleyways that make the most idyllic place ever. No need to plan anything here, just let the city walk you through the medieval town and enjoy the Ljubljana river coursing through the center with colorful buildings on each side. Most of the streets are cobbled and the best part is that they are traffic free.

The Triple Bridge

In the center of the old town is the Triple Bridge which is an architectural gem in Ljubljana. There are many street artists at this part of the city so you can sit down at one of the many cafes and rest for a while. The best time to take some pictures is during the night when some of the buildings reflect in the river.

Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park is one of the biggest parks in Ljubljana so it is the ideal place for a stroll or a picnic. Beautiful fountains and flowers make this spot ideal for a relaxing afternoon.

Ljubljana Castle

Your visit to Ljubljana is not complete if you do not visit the Castle that sits on top of a hill. You will not only learn about the history of this magnificent city but you will also have one of the best panoramic views of the city.

Dragon Bridge

There are many bridges in Ljubljana but the Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge are the most popular ones. This is an Art Nouveau bridge with 4 dragons that are incredibly detailed.

Day Trips

Slovenia is a small country so it is very easy to travel to some of its most popular destinations in just couple of hours. On our trip to Ljubljana we took 2 day trips only because we were pressed with time unfortunately. First we went to Lake Bled and you can read about our trip here, and to Postojna Caves.

Where to Stay

Ljubljana is a tourist friendly city so it will be so easy to find accommodation while you are staying there according to your budget. Go on or use this code to get $27 discount for AirBnB.

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City Breaks: Ljubljana, Slovenia




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