A Day Trip from Ljubljana: Postojna Caves

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2018)

Just 53 km south of Ljubljana you can find one of the top attractions of Slovenia, Postojna Cave. This place is one of the most visited and for the right reason, it is simply breathtaking.

We have visited Postojna Caves on a day trip from Ljubljana on a rainy and extremely cold summer day. On top of that inside the cave the temperature is 10 degrees so “layer up” for your visit, do not make our mistake. You can also rent a coat for $2 at the entrance.

Once you get inside the cave and witness the stalagmites and stalactites in the dim lighting you will forget about the cold. The creations are surreal and left us speechless. Pivka River has helped the creation of the open space below the Earth by dissolving the limestone.

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The cave was discovered in the 13th century and open in 1819, it is 24 km long but only 5 km are open for the public. The tour lasts for an hour and a half and a big part of the tour you will spend on a train which will take you from one room to another and allow you some time to take photographs.

Walking through Postojna Caves feels like you are walking through an art gallery and the Mother Nature is the best artist for sure.  The Spaghetti Hall was our favorite room where many thin white stalactites hang.


Famous Attractions in Postojna Caves

Some of the formations resemble some famous attractions so they have been named of course. “Brilliant” looks like a diamond, “Romeo and Juliet” are 2 long formations that merged into one, “Organ: looks like the instrument in a church and “Leaning Tower of Pisa” which resembles the popular building.

Baby Dragon

Even though the cave is dark and dump it is the home to more than 100 species like spiders and insects. There is one creature that leaves in this cave and it is known by its many names like Human Fish, Olm and Baby Dragon. What makes this animal so intriguing is that it is completely blind, it can live up to 100 years and it can go without food up to 10 years. You can see the creature in an aquarium because it would be impossible to search for it inside the cave.

Image courtesy of Postojnska Jama

The Concert Hall

The Concert Hall was the last room we visited. The room can hold an echo for 5 seconds, but that is a fact that I learned after our visit was done. Our guide probably didn`t want to mention that, probably to avoid some bad singing or shouting I guess. The Concert Hall has been used for many concerts and an actual basketball event.

Predjama Castle

Your visit to Postojna Caves would not be complete without visiting the Predjama Castle. It is about 9 km away, and you can buy tickets that will include both the cave and the castle here. The castle was built 800 years ago during the Middle Ages and what is impressive is the fact that it is located in the middle of a 400 foot cliff. This is one of the most fascinating castles I have ever seen. You will need between 60 and 90 minutes to explore the castle. There is a very informative audio guide that is included with the ticket. You will learn about the history of the castle and hear couple of myths as well.

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Where to Stay

During our trip to Slovenia we stayed in Ljubljana the whole time and we took couple of day trips to other popular destinations. The best option to visit Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle is on a day tour from Ljubljana, Bled or Piran. If you wish you can explore the city of Postojna and find accommodation in this small city. You should check Booking.com in that case.


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A Day Trip from Ljubljana: Postojna Caves




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