Girls who have it all figured out

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

We all have that one girl in our lives that we secretly admire. We envy everything she does but secretly we want to be her. So have you wondered what she does that makes her stand out in the crowd. Let`s face it, she did not wake up with those beach waves and those perfect eyebrows. So what is her secret, and how we can steal her spotlight?

She is always well rested

She does not need a concealer – and why would she – she has no bags under her eyes. She knows it is very important to have a sleeping routine and she sticks to it.

She knows the value of a good work out

Every morning, before she does anything, she steps on the treadmill and she works on those toned thighs.

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She knows how to hide her weak spots and highlight her assets

Fashion magazines are her best friend since she was very young. She knows her makeup and is not afraid to use it. You are probably wondering why she has no zits like the rest of us. Well she does, but she knows how to hide it.

Haters gonna hate

She knows she is not everyone`s cup of tea, but that is not her problem. She avoids drama and lives her life the way she wants to.

A good smile can open many doors for you

Se was not afraid to sacrifice couple of good years wearing braces. Now she enters the real world without being shy to open her mouth.

She knows which her good side is

Why do you think she always look good on those snaps and get so many likes on Instagram. Well she learned what her good side is and she leans to it every time someone takes a picture of her.

Her perfume is divine

You wouldn`t mind sitting next to her for hours and getting shortness of breath because of her strong fragrance.

She knows how to convince you to do anything

She loves spending time in the library and investing in her knowledge. That is why she is so savvy and can talk her way out of everything.

She is always considerate

Someone thought her well manners and she is not afraid to use them.

Was she born with it?

It seems like everything comes naturally to her and she does not have to try to do anything. But it is not like that after all. Every girl, no matter how stunning she is, has her own insecurities. But along the way she picked up some things and learned how to focus only on the positive. So, you can learn too. Just observe and invest in yourself and in no time you can be that girl everyone is envy of.

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