A day trip to Bamberg

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If the road ever takes you to Germany, then you should make the most of your stay. My list of places to visit is really long, and I find myself adding a new city every day, or any time I do some research. That is how I found out about Bamberg, a small quintessential town in the Upper Franconia in Bavaria.

The city of Bamberg is located only 60 km north of Nuremberg so we managed to squeeze this town in our already busy schedule. We got up early and we were in Bamberg before 9 am. That gave us plenty of time to explore the city.

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Every corner of Bamberg is picture perfect, so it’s a paradise for every photography enthusiast like me. Narrow streets and half timbered houses will take you back to medieval times and for a brief moment you can feel like you are a part of the city.

There are parts of the town where you think that the life is still, and nothing changes, but other parts are boasting with crowds thanks to the Universitat Bamberg and the US Army Base, and of course some tourists like us.

The first thing that I wanted to see and I was impressed the most was the Atles Rathaus. This is the old town hall which is connected to the rest of Bamberg by two bridges. This is the most significant landmark that is set on an artificial island. Then we headed to the old town which is an excellent starting point. You do not need a map here, just follow the road and be sure that it will take you somewhere nice. We ended up at the Little Venice District and were impressed how charming this town is. It seems like everywhere you go you discover something new and it is getting better and better. You can take a cruise down the river to see the city from a different perspective.

Another attraction that you cannot miss is the Bamberg Dom which was founded in 1004 and it is the resting home of Emperor Henry II and Pope Clement II.


For a panoramic view of Bamberg, head to the Kloster Michaelsberg monastery. This enormous structure was founded in 1015 and rebuilt again in 1610 after a huge fire.

We probably missed some of the attractions, but we sure made the most of our trip. The last stop was exploring the breweries and sampling the different kinds of beers. What a great way to end the day.

Where to stay while in Bamberg?

After we finished exploring Bamberg we got back to Nuremberg where we stayed, but if you wish to spend more days in this medieval town I won`t blame you. You can check Booking.com and find the best accommodation prices for you.


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