7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

When we are in a new relationship we often fail to read the signs and we cannot distinguish whether we are in a healthy relationship or not. You all know the feeling, you are walking on cloud nine and if your partner starts showing signs of jealousy you believe it is because he is madly in love with you. This is just one example of when things go south.

The reason for this can be that we are all aware that no one has a perfect relationship, so along the way we learn to settle down for what we have and forget to fight for what we deserve.

Today, we will try to help you realize what good relationship qualities are and you can decide for yourself if you are in a healthy relationships or you need to call the quits.

1 | People in healthy relationships disagree

It is totally normal to express your opinion all the time and to disagree with your partner from time to time. You are both mature individuals with your own life, but you two made the decision to be devoted to each other. Let`s say you want to do something your partner is not very keen on, if you find the right words and explain why you want to do it you might change hers or his mind, and vice versa.

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2 | Every healthy relationship is different

Once you learn what makes you happy you can find a way to find that in your partner. You do not have to compare your relationship with your friend`s relationships. To be honest not everyone tells the truth, especially when it comes to our lifes, people in general stretch the truth a bit. So, how do you know that the things your friend shares with you are true. You do not have to be jealous or to think that they are doing better than you, since we do not know what happen behind closed doors.

3 | Partners in a healthy relationship make decisions together

It is very important to know that you and your partner need to learn to listen to each other when you are discussing some major things in your life. Before being in a relationship you probably made all the decisions for yourself, but now evry single decision can affect both of your lives, and you have to accept that things cannot be done your way all the time.

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4 | Partners should feel safe

We all have hectic lifestyles, busy to balance work and family, which can be very stressful most of the times. Your partner should be your safe place and it should be the person you want to go to when you had a rough day.

5 | Learn what is important and what is not

It is unhealthy to hold a grudge, especially for every little thing. It is totally normal to make mistakes and pick a fight for the unwashed dishes in the sink. As you grow old you must learn to focus on the positive aspects that each of you have and move on with your life.

6 | Your partner is your best friend

You spend most of your time with your partner, you genuinely like each other, so it is also expected to be friends too. If you cannot share your deepest thoughts with your partner, then that is a red flag.

7 | Partners in a healthy relationship grow together

If you feel that with the time, you and your partner are going even stronger. You have learnt to understand each other, sometimes even with looks and mimics. You know what your partner really likes, you encourage each other, you have accepted each other`s fault and imperfections.

If this is how you feel when you are with your partner than you should be sure that you have found the right partner with whom you can have, not perfect, but healthy relationship.

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