Signs You Have Found The Right Person for You

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2018)

No matter at what stage you are in your relationship you cannot help but wonder whether you have found the right person?

This is completely normal, we often feel confused even when the things are simple.

But no worries, there are some signs that show you are with the right partner and can stop the search.

You Are Their Priority

If you partner is always there when you need them that means nothing but that they respect and care for you.

You do not need any childish games to pull their attention, instead you are their priority.

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Your Partner Respects You

Every healthy relationship should base on mutual respect.

No one is perfect, but your partner accepts all your flaws and opinions.

It is normal to disagree at times but that does not mean that your partner has the right to belittle you, especially in front of other people.

You Enjoy Spending Time Together

Maybe the sparks are long gone, but you and your partner still enjoy doing the same things you used to do with passion.

It can be going for a hike or watching movies. As long as you like spending time together you are lucky.

You Trust Each Other

If you spend most of your time browsing through the history on your computer and checking their email, then something is very wrong in that relationship.

You should trust your partner, no matter if they are going for drinks after work or spending some time with their friends.

If you fully trust each other then there is definitely a great thing going on between you two.

You Both Make Plans For The Future

Every time you talk about your future with your partner you are both in the picture.

It can be about something simple as choosing a carpet for your living room or your next holiday destination.

You Are Not Afraid Of Losing Your Partner

You know that your relationship is solid and you are not afraid that you are going to lose your partner after a single fight.

You are not afraid to argue with them if you have different ideas or opinions because you know that you will discuss the issue and find the right solution that is suitable for both of you.

You Are Still Willing To Put An Effort

The moment when you start trying to change something that has been bothering you for a long time in your relationship, that relationships is doomed to fail.

But, if you are still willing to make some changes or work things out, you should know that you have found the right partner.

You Have Both Mastered the Art of “Fighting” 

All your fights are rational and fair. You do not wait to have a fight to get your dirty laundry out, instead you discuss the problem without fighting dirty.

You Know How To Communicate

This has been brought up before but communication should probably be somewhere on the top of our list.

This does not mean to talk only, but you also have to learn how to listen to your partner.

All Your Problems Are Outside Your Relationship

If you have to deal with problems regarding your family, or stress at work you are still able to separate them from your relationship.

All those issues can lead to arguments with your partner but instead of blaming your partner for your problems you both handle the issues.

You And Your Partner Can Spend Time Apart

You do not have to be together all the time to feel connected.

It is okay to go out and spend some time with other people and give each other space.

You Are Optimistic

When life puts us down and becomes rocky you two know how to stay optimistic about the future.

It can be difficult to work through things, but somehow you manage to do it.

All of this is what makes you two strong together.

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