10 Bad Habits you Should Change

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2018)

We all have goals that we want to accomplish, but at times it feels like everything is slipping away, and that is all because of some bad habits we need to change.

Many of you would probably try to add a new good habit to their bucket list, which seems fun but it does not work in the long run.

Instead of adding a new thing, you should focus on getting rid of negative habits that have been holding you back for a while now.

So, looking back and contemplating the past I figured out some of the damaging habits I need to break and I believe the same will apply to most of the people.

Waiting for the Weekend

We get so busy sometimes that we forget to enjoy the little things. During the week you are always rushing to finish all the work you have and do all your chores waiting for the weekend to rest and see your family.

The best way to stop doing this is to plan well. Invite your friends over or go out and socialize. It is always good to do something outside work.

Checking Social Media Constantly

It is a well known fact that social media is so addictive and the platforms are masters at making you stay there.  

It is okay if you have some time to kill, but remember getting lost in Facebook can be counterproductive.

The first thing you need to do is to turn off your notifications, that way you will not get a constant reminder about unimportant things. Because, let`s face it, if you hear a buzz, you will have to see what it is about, it is simply in our nature to be curious.

Stop Supporting Fast Fashion

I am afraid I have to admit that I was a bit o a shopaholic in my twenties. If I saw a piece that I liked I had to have it, and I was always ending up wearing it only once.

Now in my 30 I made a huge decision to buy things that I will wear many times. So it is always a good idea to invest more money on a coat rather than on a blouse.

Stop Multitasking

I used to have a friend who was always bragging how good she was at multitasking, so I always had long conversations with her spacing out while typing an email.

So, I believe that there are people who think that they can multitask, but actually they cannot.

It is better to focus on one thing and get things done, rather than having mediocre results on all your tasks.

Social smoking is not okay

There are people who consider themselves as social smokers, because they do not smoke every day, only when they are out and about.

Smoking is bad for your health and the government guidelines suggest that if you smoke at all, you are at higher risk of heart disease and cancer.

Stop Complaining

I think that the worst people to be around are the ones that constantly complain.

And from the ones that I had the honor to talk with I realized that things are not that dark in their life.

Stop! Just stop doing that because you are affecting other people too. Just, start thinking positive and maybe something good will come your way.

You Shouldn`t Cling on to some Friendships

Having lived abroad for a while I realized that you meet many people and some of those friendships fall by the side.

You should face with the fact that not all friendships last forever and that is okay.

It is NO Good to Kill all your Plants

If you have plants than you should take a proper care of them, it is that simple.

After all they are not asking for too much, just some water and sunshine.

Accept the Things you Cannot Change

You should stop obsessing over things that are outside of your control.

Instead, you should start controlling things that you actually can, like what you eat, what you think and what you do with your life.

Compromising on Things you Deserve

If someone is not interested in you then you should let them go. Life is too short to chase after broken dreams and promises.

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Someone once said that we should stick to one thing at a time. So incorporate that knowledge and stick to one bad habit you want to change and make it a priority. If you succeed, you should maybe make a list and lose as many bad habits as you can. But, take your time, change does not happen over night.

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