7 Morning Habits That Changed My Life

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2018)

Getting up early in the morning was one of the toughest things for me.

I was always postponing saying goodbye to the warm bed and the soft blankets and had more lingering moments that actually made my morning even tougher.

You know what they say ‘mornings can make or break you’ so I knew that I had to start implementing some habits in my morning routine.

I used to sleep until noon and I was scheduling my classes later in the afternoon, just so I could avoid getting up early.

I was feeling grumpy and tired and I didn`t have enough time to finish all my tasks, so as a result my stress levels were higher as well.

I realized that I have to do something to improve my wellbeing.

There are many morning habits and rituals that you can try and see which ones work the best for you.

Wake Up Early

When I say you need to get up early I do not mean getting up at 5 am and start your day.

You should get up like half an hour earlier then you usually do.

If that seems like too much, just ask yourself “Do you really feel great when you sleep in?’

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Forget the Snooze Button

I used to set my alarm clock half an hour before I needed to get up.

I thought that way I can enjoy a little bit longer without having to get up.

The truth is you cannot fall asleep again and you are losing more sleep that way, and you are just prolonging the inevitable.

Have Your Clothes Set Out

In the morning when you are in a rush you do not have the time to pick outfits, so why do not pick one out the night before.

You can even pick out a backup outfit, but I am sure you will not change your mind about the first outfit that you have picked.

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Have a Glass of Water

A great way to jump start your body is by having a glass of water.

This will help you wake up immediately, especially if you add a bit of lemon too.


Another great thing you can do is to do 10 minutes of cardio, or if you are more adventurous, you can go for a run.

This will not only start your metabolism but it will also give you a quick energy boost.

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Have a Breakfast

I am not going to remind you of how important breakfast is, you already know that.

I am only saying that you should not skip it.

Take your Vitamins

I usually take lots of vitamins and supplements, especially if I know that my day will be busy and I will not have time to eat any fruits.

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