6 Subtle Signs Your Partner is Unhappy With Your Relationship

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

You have noticed that your partner is not thrilled about being with you and is acting strange lately.

You are probably asking yourself what might be wrong, and if you are asking yourself that, then probably there is something wrong going on.

The thing is, if we spend a lot of time with someone we learn to understand them through their subtle facial expressions and their body language.

Sometimes words are unnecessary to pick up what someone thinks.

This is so called “secret unhappiness” when our partner does not want to share its true emotions.

 On the surface things always seem right, but once you start digging you can find that they are wrong on so many levels.

What are the hints that your partner is not happy with your relationship?

You do not spend quality time together

If your partner is unhappy then they would most likely change their habits.

They would try to spend as much time outside, away from you, even make plans for a long weekend and not even include you in it.

 If he loses interest in some of the rituals that you used to enjoy together, like watching a TV Show together, this should be considered as a triggering sign.

Your Partner Has Become a #Short Fuse”

If your partner is losing its temper when they are around you, this could mean only one thing, they are unhappy with your relationship.

Your Partner is Silent

You do not have to yell all the time to know that something is wrong.

Some psychotherapists even suggest that having an argument can be very healthy for a relationship.

What you should be scared is the silence, and we are not talking about the silent treatment here. We are talking about a partner that does not make an effort to give you an answer to a question as simple as: “How was your day?”

Your Partner is Not Able to Communicate

We all have those days when we feel like not talking.

We all have moods that we cannot explain to ourselves let alone to explain it to our partners.

 If this mood lasts longer, than you should be worried.

Try to communicate with your partner in a loving manner, show them that you feel for them but in order to understand them they need to share what is going on with them.

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Your Partner Takes a Lot of Time To Give You a Simple Response

If your partner takes a lot of time to respond to your text or your email, that means he is postponing the conversation with you.

Whenever we receive a text from someone we like we immediately respond with “ I am busy at the moment” or “We will talk later”.

But if someone is not happy with a relationship they can wait and wait before they respond to you.

Your Partner is Cranky

If your partner is constantly cranky and gets mad easily, they are certainly not happy with something.

This does not mean that they are unhappy with you, it can be just a work related stress.

But if he gets cranky at your behavior then this is an indication that he is not satisfied with something in your relationship.

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