The Evil Side of Each Zodiac Sign

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2018)

We usually hear about the best qualities of each zodiac sign, what they like and what they detest. But, rarely do we hear about their down side, their evil side that can tell us a lot about them.

We will go through each zodiac sign, and we leave up to you to decide whether you want to deal with  their negative traits or avoid it.


  • They have anger issues
  • Immature
  • Aries is getting excited about new things, but loses interest very fast
  • They are impatient
  • They are selfish

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  • You can`t win a fight with them
  • They are lazy when it comes to house chores
  • They put themselves first before others
  • They never talk about their feelings

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  • They are unreliable
  • You have to analyze their mood so you would know how to deal with them
  • They will charm you with their words, but they will never fulfill what their promised
  • They get bored easily
  • They never finish what they start

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  • Their change of mood is unbearable
  • They can say harsh things without feeling guilty
  • They get attached to people so sometimes you might feel like you are in a prison
  • They want serious relationship and family even though they are not sure they are ready for that
  • They are not adventurous, so your life may become monotonous


  • They are very flirtatious, so you will rarely feel safe with them
  • You will feel like you are constantly competing with them
  • They rarely admit they are wrong
  • They are very arrogant
  • They want to be in the spotlight so you might feel like you are not that important or you are in their shadow


  • They are very judgmental
  • They never initiate anything
  • They get mad easily, and stay mad for awhile
  • They are very insecure
  • You have to follow their lead, if you do not, they will get mad at you


  • They know what you want to hear so they would say those exact things even though they do not believe they are true
  • They are very manipulative, especially with their partner
  • They can walk out of your life easily if you hurt them
  • They are very vain and they expect you to look very good
  • They always complain about everything and it is very difficult to listen to them


  • They are very jealous, and will be jealous whenever you speak with someone else
  • They can manipulate with your emotions so you can rarely know what they feel about you
  • They can ignore you completely and eventually walk out of your life
  • They are very secretive
  • They can make a small fight into a huge deal

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  • They love to talk, but unfortunately they cannot listen
  • They expect from other to entertain them, and if others do not do that a Sagittarius will complain
  • They think they know everything and they are not open for new things
  • They can be cruel
  • They love to be dominant partner in a relationship

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  • They love their job more than their partner
  • They love to control everything and everyone
  • They cannot go with the flow so your relationship might become boring with time
  • They analyze everything and they remember every mistake you have made in the past
  • You cannot change their opinion and attitude; you only have to adjust to it

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  • They are dreamers, so they often seem distant
  • They love giving lectures, because they know the best
  • They have a lot of friends so you might feel like you are nothing more than just another friend to them
  • They judge everyone who has a different opinion
  • You might know what they think but you will never know how they feel

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  • You have to say the same thing over and over again to them
  • They cannot be motivated easily to do something
  • They always make new plans for the future so you might feel like you are not belonging there with them
  • You will always feel like you are taking care of them
  • They expect a lot from you

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