How to find the motivation to get things done

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

It is no secret that the main key to success is staying motivated.

Without motivation we will fall behind and neglect all our personal and professional goals.

At times even the most determined people can lose the steam and the will to continue working on themselves.

There are certain tasks that you probably do not like but still you have to find the motivation to do it.

The first step is to recognize that each task serves a greater goal.

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We are all different, and things that might work for someone might not work for others. But in general there are some motivating forces that we can all try.

Find a good reason

Set a goal and constantly remind yourself about it.

If by any chance you start to lose sight of your goals then you should check your progress.

That will give you the strength not to give up and continue building your dreams.

For instance, if you make weekly checkpoints to track your progress and you realize that you are doing a good job that will only help you stay on the right track and even be more motivated because you are getting near in accomplishing what you want.

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Reward yourself

Make sure to reward yourself every time you make an achievement.

This does not mean that you have to do something huge.

 Keep it simple after all life is made of small things and moments, so you can reward yourself with a day off or a trip to the spa.

 After all you need to recharge your batteries at some point.

So whatever works for you, you should do it.

Don`t be too hard on yourself

Every road has difficult paths and if you come to that point you should not be so harsh on yourself.

If you do not manage to meet your weekly goals take that as a lesson for the next time.

For example you can finish your next target faster so you can get back and finish the ones that you are falling behind with.

Failure should be accepted as a human occurrence, so you should not dwell on it but instead you should continue working towards your goals.

Beating Procrastination

If you feel that there are things that are distracting you from doing what you are supposed to do, you should get rid of them.

Procrastination is a trap and if you fall into it, it can be very difficult to find a way out.

If you find yourself spending so much time on Social Media install the so called productivity extension in your browser.

Thanks to this extension you can block some sites or you can set a limit for using certain websites.

Set penalties for yourself

If you fail to follow your rules it is time for penalties.

 You can give up your favourite cookies for instance, and that for sure will teach you a lesson.

 To make sure that you will abide these rules tell your family and friends about your plans, so if you fail to complete them you will feel embarrassed in front of them.

Go for a coffee

You deserve some break like everyone else.

Sometimes when we try to accomplish something or we have a dead line we focus on work and only on work.

 But that is another example of unhealthy behaviour.

 You need to eat properly, enjoy in small things like having coffee with friends.

This way you will be more fulfilled and you will complete your tasks easily.

How to deal with serious motivational crisis

If you find yourself falling apart and stressing out because you cannot finish your tasks, there is still some hope.

You can break a big task into couple of small tasks.

This way each small task will be psychologically more approachable.

This is because we have a feeling of accomplishment after each task that we have done, and what can be a better motivation than that.

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And one final advice for you

Now that you know “these ways” of staying motivated we will share the last advice for you today.

 You should try them all and see which one`s work for you.

And remember this is not some guide that you should blindly follow.

 You can always alter some things and combine them in the way that you want.

Find different approaches or you can mix and match some of them.

Look at the things this way, if you find a fun way to accomplish your task you will enjoy more in doing it.

And do not forget to reward yourself on the road to success since this will help you feel motivated and there will be nothing you cannot accomplish.

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