Ideas for Practicing Self-Care

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

You have probably come across the buzzword “self-care” lately and you are probably wondering what it is.

Well, I am sure that you know the answer but somehow you forgot to practice it.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is basically the time of the day that you dedicate to yourself.

There is not one general answer to it, but many bits and things that you enjoy doing that nurture your body and soul.

You can spend time reading your favorite book, go for a walk, cook or whatever makes you happy.

How to Find the Motivation to Get Things Done

At times our life is so hectic so I believe that sometimes you even feel guilty if you make time for yourself, I know I do.

Nowadays, the idea that being busy is considered normal and we brag that we have so many things going on in our life.

We think that if the list is longer, we have the illusion that we are successful once we do all the tasks that we had.

It is no wonder that at the end of the day you fell exhausted and not at all fulfilled.

But then again, we feel that people in our life need us and they cannot survive without us.

If you feel that way, well it is time to wake up and take the matters in your own hands and change something in your life.

The truth is you can change your life once you change your mindset and even though you are busy you can still practice self-care.

Why Self-Care is so Important?

Self-care is important because you intentionally take the time to take care of yourself.

There are lots of benefits from self-care, and the most important one is being present in your life.

Learn how to stop running around making errands and start focusing on the more important things in your life.

There are plenty of signals that tell us to slow down but we simply ignore them.

We only make changes when we are physically and emotionally exhausted, and not once for a moment we take action to actually prevent it.

And trust me it is not selfish to take the time for yourself, it is selfish to neglect yourself.

Every time you neglect yourself you are not able to give the best of yourself to the people around you, and I believe that they are missing a lot.

How to Practice Self-Care

Well, it is totally up to you how you want to practice self-care.

Do the things that make you happy and the things you enjoy doing.

There is not one general thing that works for everyone.

Different activities work for different people.

It is up to you to explore your options and have fun while doing it so.

I will tell you what worked for me and I hope you will learn from my experience.

The first thing I did was simplify my life. Even though I had a lot on my plate I stopped comparing myself to others and I found a pace that works the best for me.

There were times when I could handle a lot and there were times when I could handle less.

I also learned to slow down. I am a workaholic and there were times when I would finish everything in a day and after that I was exhausted.

You need to make pauses regularly during the day, no matter what you are doing.

I stopped multitasking and I focused on one thing at a time.

I hope that you will find what works the best for you and you will incorporate it in your routine, and in no time you will see the huge impact self-care will have in your life.

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