Morning Self-Care Routine

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2019)

If someone would have told me that I would enjoy getting up early and develop my own morning self-care routine, I would not believe them.

It is fascinating how things change and even more fascinating how we change as we get older.

I do not consider myself as a morning person but that is the thing that makes my morning self-care routine crucial.

Don`t you all like to feel calm and relaxed during the day?

Well now you can, if you find your morning-self care routine first.

Here are some tips on what you can do to fell more energized and more importantly grounded during the day.

Always Prepare the Night Before

If there are things that you can do the night before that will make your mornings easier, do it.

If you go to work early in the morning , plan your outfit the night before.

You do not want to end up ironing your shirt, have breakfast and finish tons of things before even you had your first cup of coffee.

Ideas For Practicing Self-Care

Avoid Social Media

I know that the easiest thing for all of us, even before we get out of bed to scroll through Facebook or Pinterest, in my case.

The constant scrolling can give you a headache and start you off on the wrong foot.

Checking emails and work related stuff can also make you feel overwhelmed, so you should avoid your phone for that reason.

Enjoy Your Morning

We all have something we are looking forward to in the morning.

If you enjoy your coffee you can buy a cute mug, trust me it will make your day just seeing it in the morning.

Wake Up on Time

Some researchers say that it is very important to wake up 2 hours prior to leaving the house.

This way you will have enough time to practice all your morning self-care routines and set the mood for the day.

Getting up early will have a big impact on your productivity and your life.

If you are just starting now, do not expect to fell energized immediately.

Your body will need time to adapt to your new routine.

Have Breakfast

For reason, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You must fuel your body and mind in order for them to be in top form.

Activate Your Body

If you manage to incorporate a light workout in your morning routine you will go long way.

During the night our body is resting and you do not move that much so when you get up it can feel heavy and numb.

So light stretch out or couple of yoga exercises, whatever starts your engine, for 10 or 15 minutes will help you connect with that inner part of yourself.

Do you have a morning self-care routine? If you do, feel free to share it with us.

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