Reasons you can`t wake up in the morning and is it serious?

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

We are all familiar with the saying “I can`t fall asleep at night and I can`t wake up in the morning”.

But to be fair, to some point this is selective, some choose to be night owls and some choose to be early birds.

I just can’t agree with the fact that in some countries early birds are called A-people and night owls are called B-people.

Being a night owl myself, I feel like I failed the test and got only a B, but I will not go into that now.

There is a more serious reason behind this problem.

 There are people who really have difficulties getting up in the morning and finish simple tasks.

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So I am wondering, why do we have these sleepyheads?

 There are cases that are more serious and also some of them are not.


Young people usually have trouble getting up in the morning.

 For a teenager to be pleasant in the morning they need at least 9, 5 hours of sleep. Do they get enough sleep?

Reasons you can`t #wakeup in the #morning.

 My answer would be a firm NO!

They go to bed with their phones under the pillow and waking up all night to answer text.

On the other hand their bodies are biologically set to go to bed later.

 So what do we get in the morning, a sleep deprived teenager ready to argue about anything.


 Sleepwalkers are another group that has hard time getting up in the morning.

 It is more common for teenagers to be sleepwalking but adults are not excluded.

When we are fast asleep and we are in a phase of deep sleep it is very difficult to wake up.

Some even say that this is the closest we get to natural coma.

 No wonder sleepwalkers have problems waking up in the morning.

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Narcolepsy is a condition that is not that wide spread but it still exists, and it is also very difficult to diagnose this condition.

People suffering from narcolepsy have very hard time waking up in the morning.

People who work in shifts

For some reason we are built to work during the day and sleep during the night.

People who invented night shift forgot about this fact so they are making 25 percent of the nation hit the wall.

Sleeping one or two hours more during the weekend makes us grumpy on Monday, I can`t even imagine how all those doctors and nurses feel after a night shift.

They deserve a shout out though.

Reasons you can`t #wakeup in the #morning.

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Kids with ADHD

Children that are diagnosed with ADHD are also known to sleep more that they are supposed to.

They also feel sleepy during the day too.

The truth is many people can`t wake up in the morning.

We have to work more than we used to, we have more obligations during the day so once we fall asleep we find it hard to wake up in the morning.

The thing we have to learn is not how to find more time to sleep but to find a way to rest more during the day.

 So when we fall asleep we get the additional rest our body and mind needs and in the morning we wake up refreshed and not feeling like we are getting out of a coma, and leave the “I can`t wake up in the morning” thing in the past.

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Reasons you can`t #wakeup in the #morning.





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