5 ‘Zero Calorie’ Edibles for in Between Meals

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

If you are trying to live healthy we will give you a list of the best zero calorie foods which will help you burn calories and keep you full until your next meal.

At this point you are probably suspicious about and wondering whether we are telling the truth or not.

So the question how a food can have zero calories starts to linger and the fact is that it can.

Each of these foods has a certain amount of calories, but the idea is that your body will burn more calories while you eat the food than the food actually contains.

This sounds pretty amazing, right?

So now you can snack whenever you want and feel no guilt.

I believe this is the news that we have all been waiting for, a perfect addition to our diet that will not mess with our weight.

Without further ado, here is a list of 5 zero calorie foods you can have whenever you want.


Apples are a great choice for everyone. If you feel hungry during the day and you feel that your energy levels are low than grab an apple and you will be good. Additionally, you can add some peanut butter which will give you extra proteins and you will be full even until dinner time.


Beetroot salad is a great ‘in between’ meal that will keep you full and it will not spoil your appetite.


Kale is a super food that has no calories at all. If you want to lower the calorie intake than a kale salad is a perfect choice for you.


It is very hard to believe that those sweet, sweet strawberries are with no calories at all. So next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth you can grab some strawberries.

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Bean Pods

Bean pods salad is a very healthy meal that has a low number of calories, and on the plus side, it is tasty to.

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