10 reasons you are not losing weight

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

Weight loss is a process, it is not something that happens over night, or as quickly as you wish it should happen.

If you believe that you are doing all the right things and still you cannot get rid of your excess weight, there are a number of possible reasons for that.

It is highly possible that you are doing something wrong.

Maybe you are committed to a regular workout but you are not burning enough calories.

Maybe you are eating healthy food only and you got rid of all the junk food in your diet, but you might have a medical condition that interferes with your plans to lose weight.

But what you need to remember is that when you lose weight your body fights back.

There may be number of reasons and many things that can influence your weight loss.

You are not sleeping well

One of the most important factors for our physical and mental health is a good night sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you are at risk to even gain more weight.

You are drinking sugar

We often tend to forget that refreshing beverages can mess up your diet.

Even healthier versions, like fruit juices contain a big amount of sugar in it.

You can try a great weight loss strategy, and that is avoiding all sugary beverages.

You do not drink enough water

The best beverage that can satisfy your thirst is water.

Plain water has no calories and it can help you shed those couple of pounds.

The good thing here is when you drink enough water during the day, your cravings for other sugary beverages will be minimized.

You space out your meals too much

When you are waiting too long for your next meal, the chances are you will have an extra portion on your next meal.

Your metabolism slows down at the same time so you will not be able to burn off those calories, which will later turn into extra weight.

So, the best thing you can do is to eat smaller portions more often throughout the day.

You sit all day long

If you are sitting all day without any activity your body will lose the ability to know when you have eaten too much, so you can easily gain weight.

You can have a brief exercise break if you want to stay healthy and lose some weight.

You drink too much alcohol

Well, we have some bad news for you which is, alcohol too, has calories that add up to your daily amount.

So, try as much as you can to avoid that guilty pleasure of yours, and stick to moderate drinking.

You are stressed out

If you feel stressed out you are most likely to reach for an unhealthy snack.

Stress can and it will wreak havock on your metabolism.

Latest studies have shown that a high level of stress hormone cortisol can increase your appetite.

You are taking medication

There are some drugs that you may take to control a health problem you have that will make you gain weight.

Some medication can change your metabolism and you might even feel hungrier.

You are not keeping track of what you are eating

When you are trying to lose weight you should keep a food diary.

People who keep track of what they eat during the day have better chances of losing weight faster.

You are losing weight but you are not realizing

It is incredible how body weight can fluctuate.

It all depends on the type of food you are eating and the way your hormones work, because you can never know how much water your body retains.

Maybe you are gaining muscle and losing fat, in case you have started exercising.

So, even if the scale does not budge, it is possible that you are still losing weight.

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