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There`s a plethora of things to see in Montenegro, but if you ask me, Kotor should make the top of that list, a small town that sits at the foot of a gorgeous Adriatic bay surrounded by stone walls. On the one side you have beautiful turquoise waters and on the other side the Lovcen mountain rising high above.  

A labyrinth of marbled streets will take you to one of the many quiet piazzas where you can relax and enjoy the marvels that Kotor has to offer.

Montenegro is not so far from Macedonia, so I have been listening about this alluring city for many years, and eventually I had to visit it.

But once Lonely Planet named Kotor as one of the best places to travel to in 2016, somehow this small city was on everyone`s radar. And for a good reason, there are so many things you can do an experience and there`s that unexplained allure that attracts people to visit Kotor any time of the year.

What`s the best time to visit Kotor?

So at this point you are probably wondering what the best time to go is. Well, you probably anticipated the answer, during the warmer months. This is a quite small town with around 13 000 inhabitants, so during the summer months is when Kotor is the most vigorous.  During the winter most of the bars and restaurants are even closed.

Remember summers are really hot and it is very crowded, since there are tourist coming from everywhere. If you want to avoid the crowds as we did, we went in the middle of September, but it was raining, so it was kind of a downfall, because there was so much we wanted to do, and we couldn`t.

There are plenty of things to see in Kotor which comes as a surprise for such a small town.

St. John`s Fortress

I have to say that my favorite place in Kotor was the St. John`s Fortress. Once you go up the hillside you will be treated with some of the most magnificent view of Kotor. There are 1350 steps that you need to climb to the top, which can be challenging especially if you are in Kotor during a hot summer day, but it is well worth it. It took us about one hour to hike, but that is because we took many stops to rest, but if you are more fit than you can be up in 45 minutes or less.

Tip: The entrance is $3, but if you arrive before 8 am it is free, because there is no one at the gate.

Piazza of the Arms

There are many squares in Kotor, but Piazza of the Arms is its main one. There is a beautiful old stone clock tower, which is a great meeting point, and here you can find plenty of restaurants, cafes where you can take a short break.

Wander the streets of the Old Town

I mentioned previously that Kotor feels like a maze, and every time we felt we are lost we came around a beautiful piazza with museums or beautiful churches, or some little corner with a fountain that you have probably missed if you stick to the main attractions only.

Despite the fact that Kotor is a new tourist attraction I can say that it has not lost its old charm.

Free City Tour

If you have enough time to explore Kotor than I would advise you to join the free walking tour. There is no better way to learn about a new place but to hear stories about it from someone who has been born and raised in the city. You will hear some interesting stories and you will see all the sights Kotor has to offer.

Spend a day at the beach

Kotor has some lovely turquoise crystal clear water and pebble beaches. Bajova Kula and Orahovac are the two beachers that are recommended by the locals. They are just 5 km away from Kotor and are actually close to each other.

Walk the Old City Walls at night

Kotor is so peaceful once the crowd has cleared. So, at night the best thing you can do is to wander around the old town and see the city walls lit up along the coast. It`s truly stunning and you will feel like you are in another world.

Day trips from Kotor

There are plenty of options when it comes to day trips you can take from Kotor. The closest city you can visit is Perast. It is just 10 km down the bay and it is definitely a place you should not miss. I believe that I took the most photos when we were in Perast. Literally everything is happening on one street here. On the one side you have all the places of interest and on the other side the beautiful water with 2 small islands. Our Lady of the Rocks is an artificial island and the other is a natural island and the home of the Saint George Benedictine monastery. This island is off limits for tourist, at least it was when we visited Perast.

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Where to stay in Kotor?

You can find all kinds of accommodation in Kotor from luxury to budget ones. We stayed in a beautiful apartment that we found on Airbnb, and if you want to do the same you can use this code to get $27 off on your first stay.

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