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Wellness and Lifestyle is a site dedicated to great food, travel and discussions on how to improve our everyday life. If we find an interesting topic which we feel is important to us and others we will write a compelling article and encourage our readers to share their opinions through the comment box. Your personal opinions about our site and our work are very important to us so we encourage you to actively participate in any of the topics you like.

Our travel section features articles and photos from the many destinations we visited over the years and our personal opinion about them. Through this section we want to encourage others to travel the world and experience different cultures, even if you are travelling on a budget. Sometimes that’s the best way to go.

We also want to encourage people to blog more about their experience and share it with the rest of the world. That is why we recently launched the “Blogging” category where you will find tips on how to get started on blogging. If you are a blogger and have any recommendations about this section feel free to share your opinion with us. We are always eager to actively communicate with our readers.